Vapors versus Smoke

Vapors versus Smoke

Many people today are switching over from smoking to using vaporizers, like the Pax Vaporizer. Now, granted, the “smoking” experience of a vaporizer isn’t the same as actual smoking itself, but vaporizers more than make up for this difference in experience with the benefit of being more healthy, and at the same time, giving the vaporizer user a better hit.

Vaporizing: the Difference from Smoking

If you’ve been reading Pax Vaporizer review articles, then you should know by now that vaporizers operate differently on a fundamental level. If you’ve heard of how vaporizers don’t give out a lot of smoke – if at all – then you’ve hit the nail right on the head.

You see, smoking, for all of its elegant and civilized connotations, is still about setting fire to prepared or shredded plant material, to gain some narcotic and substance benefits from the tobacco itself. However, the big problem here is what comes with the nicotine and other preferred ingredients: the smoke itself. Smoke is made up microparticles, as it is essentially airborne ash. Ash is what is left of the plant material after burning: carbonized organic material, which can turn into a very fine powder.

If the smoke is inhaled, then all those particles will end up blocking or limiting a person’s ability to breathe. In effect, smoking is similar to smoke inhalation, and even includes carbon monoxide in the mix. Over time, frequent smoking will shovel many microparticles into the lungs, leading to serious health issues.

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Externally, since the smoke particles are also the carriers for that burned tobacco smell, smokers and their surroundings end up smelling badly, as if they were ashtrays. This can and will irritate nonsmokers even more.

With Pax Vaporizer devices and other similar machines, the process is more akin to baking. A small amount of shredded and prepared tobacco is put in the heating chamber, and coils then heat up the chamber to the desired temperature range. At that point, all water vapor and chemicals will mix with each other and remove themselves from the plant, leaving the plant material a dry husk, but not carbonized into ash.

That means that all you will inhale is the chemical vapor. The only thing you probably have to watch out for is to drag the vapor slowly, so you can give it time to cool down, rather than go barreling down your throat while still hot. You won’t have any of the problematic smoke particles (or if there are, they will be in very small amounts).

This means that you won’t be giving your lungs the equivalent of an ash bath, and at the same time, you can prevent your surroundings from smelling like an oversized ashtray. You’ll end up healthier, and with your nonsmoking friends probably thanking you for buying a Pax Vaporizer.

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If you think you need to be convinced a little more, it’s a good idea to read more Pax Vaporizer review articles, so you can come up with an informed decision. The decision, really, will be down to whether or not you miss the experience of smoking – including all the horrible side effects.